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Jenne Power Line Angus

JENNE POWER LINE ANGUS is owned and operated by Thomas 'Skip' Jenne. The operation is based just west of Gering, Nebraska.

JENNE POWER LINE ANGUS was established in 1994 when Skip purchased their first Angus cows from the Dave Taylor Dispersion. Skip has spent the majority of his life on a ranch, anywhere from Arizona to Alaska. It was in 1993 that the Registered Angus business drew his attention; it was then and there he decided that is what he needed to be doing.

After spending most of his life on commercial cow/calf operations, Skip went to work for Dave Taylor Angus, managed by Gary Parker. A year of Angus 'Mentoring', as Skip calls it, resulted from that experience and he has since applied that knowledge to the production of the Power Line herd.

After the Taylor dispersion, Skip worked for the Wilkes 6-D Angus ranch in Hawk Springs, Wyoming until 1999, whereupon he and his family moved themselves and their small herd of Angus cows to Elbert, Colorado, where they lived for the next two years. Between Gary Parker, Don and Doris Wilkes, I learned quite a bit about what I needed to produce to make viable cattle in the Angus Business.

Currently, Skip is the Consultant for Vista Trend Gelbvieh, located southwest of Gering, Nebraska. The main goal here at POWER LINE ANGUS is to produce seedstock for either the commercial cow/calf operator or other seedstock producers, that are second to none. We want our customers to PROFIT from cattle that they purchase from us. If they don't profit we haven't done our job. We have seen what will work, and what won't.

We have bred and put together a very ELITE bunch of mother cows that we feel are the top of the barrel in all respects. Our Cull program is very simple, 'If they don't work for us, they don't work for you'. Overall, our cows are all of moderate frame and stay in tip top condition year round.

We believe that our cattle are headed in the right direction; that direction being cattle, with completely balanced traits. It is our expressed opinion that cattle in this part of the country need to be of moderate size and stay fleshed up, no matter what the weather may throw at us, and the cattle, for the most part, need to be doing it on their own. Our grass situation over the last couple of years has proven to be very dismal, yet the quality of the GENETICS has kept our herd in top shape.

Our cattle will, without a doubt, give you Predictability, Performance, Pedigree, Profitability, Practicality and Power.

Feel free to stop and visit with us anytime, we look forward to seeing you. The coffee pot is ALWAYS on and we love to talk cows!!

Vista Trend Gelbvieh

The Nazarian Family had been involved in various cattle breed operations on their Nebraska ranches. None were expressing the results required for profitable beef production.

We began research into breeds that could consistently produce females and bulls that exhibited early fertility, ability to raise a high weaning calf on the native grass pastures of the Panhandle of Nebraska, yearling weights demanded by feeders and to provide packers with marketable carcasses. In other words, they had to be multi-trait cattle. Optimal balance was the key factor. 

Vista Trend Gelbvieh

The data collected, demonstrated Gelbvieh as one of the highest performing in the necessary traits. With that conclusion, we began building a foundation herd of FULLBLOOD Gelbvieh, selecting from renowned Genetic Pools. A.I. sires were used extensively. An embryo program was instituted to increase the baseline more quickly, from Elite donor FULLBLOODS. The polled factor was introduced later for producers seeking that influence. Along with that came the introduction of the black Gelbvieh, which, Joe Nazarian started doing as a teenager.

For many years, Vista Trend competed in the Showering on the State and National levels. Despite success and awards, the purposes in the show ring was not raise nor promote show cattle but to keep an awareness in the Market for Vista Trend.

The Vista Trend Gelbvieh and JBK Gelbvieh are run on the native grasses of their ranches in the panhandle of Nebraska, southwest of Scottsbluff/Gering. The farm ground produces the majority of our winter feedstuffs for the herd.

The primary goal of our breeding continues to be optimal performance cattle that produce profitable calves in any herd. We evaluate our herds progression constantly to ensure that their traits remain balanced and consistent. Carcass Ultrasound is becoming more and more a very necessary tool to utilize along with the many other tools available.

German FULLBLOOD Gelbvieh were the first Gelbvieh brought to the U.S. via semen on imports. They were recognized for superior maternal traits,(early fertility,milk), thick muscling, heavy weaning weights, longevity and docile temperament. These traits are still relevant today in beef production as they were years ago. That convinces us to incorporate more Full blood Genetic opportunities in our Vista Trend Breeding - thus Trends for Success not Fads.

Thus any breeding considerations at Vista Trend must be grounded in the basis of proven FULLBLOOD Gelbvieh Genetics. Our trademarked REGULATORS® were developed with this principle in mind. In order to have a hybrid cross that worked well, we knew we had to use genetics of purity for it to be a balanced animal with a progressive future.

A careful selection of our Full blood cows were mated to Registered Angus bulls. Therefore our hybrid cattle have 100% documented parentage(on both sides) so that it may be easier to determine Performance, Predictability and Practicality as well as Profitability. The REGULATOR®, by being a true F1, will enable us to develop a marketable and viable Hybrid Composite that utilizes the major traits of both breeds at an optimal and acceptable level.

We invite you to attend our Bull sale in March at Platte Valley Livestock in Gering, Nebraska. We are offering a unique and powerful selection of Full blood Gelbvieh, Red and Black Gelbvieh, Balancers® and introducing the feature, first time appearance of THE REGULATOR®. Our catalog is available online, or you can call us and we will get one in the mail to you as soon as possible. The bulls may be seen at the Roubidoux Ranch southwest of Gering anytime prior to the sale. Come see the cattle and visit.

Thanks for visiting with us.

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